Friday, May 03, 2013

Hulk Smash Puny Espresso

Not so Tiny Heroes

My wife and I sat down with our daughter tonight so Mildly Sensational could read to our little girl. While they read I pulled out the smaller of my sketchbooks and started doodling. The first thing that came out was a tiny-hero Daredevil that I'm reasonably happy with, but not so much that I want to post it right away. It's definitely not on-par with tiny Nick Fury

After drawing The Man Without Fear I naturally turned to drawing his on-again, off-again girlfriend/booty-call, the Black Widow. That one I will post at some point. The pencil drawing turned out really well, I just want to touch it up with ink before putting it out there forever on the interwebs.

By this time our daughter was calling for her third book, "other book, mommy, other book!" Since they were still preoccupied with Sesame Street, Doctor Seuss, and book about noses, I started on what was supposed to be a tiny hero version of the Hulk. It turns out it's more difficult than I thought to draw a tiny Hulk. The Hulk by his nature is not. tiny. Instead what I came up with was the idea of putting the Hulk somewhere you wouldn't ordinarily see him. That turned out to be a coffee shop. 

Coffee Bean and Tea Hulk

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