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Randomly Posting the Fury of Nick

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You know how I know deep down inside I'm really still a twelve year old boy? I think this is hilarious:

69, DUDE! (har har har)

Tiny Heroes: The Fury of Nick!

This time I wanted to try a hero who is a little more challenging. The latest incarnation of Nick Fury is awesome, but he's just a guy. Kind of like Batman (without the obsessive tendencies or sadistic neat to beat pure snatchers to pulp) all of his heroics come from his toys, his grit, and the twelve pound brass ones he hauls around between his legs. He's not really my favorite hero in the Marvel universe, but I've started enjoying him more since Marvel (rightly) updated him for the Ultimates.

Before the one-eyed super-spy in blue tights (seriously, what military would ever issue a uniform that consisted of anything you would call "tights") was given a cool make over as a love letter to Samuel L. Jackson, he was this middle-aged white guy with dashing (smug) white hair at his temples. He looked kind of like a muscly Hugh Hefner with guns. He was perpetually chewing on a cigar and glaring at people.

The original concept of for this character was a dated archetype more fitting the period post WWII or post Korean War. He was visibly better suited to fighting "commies" than dealing with the modern "war on terror" world we live in today.

As much as I love Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, I've never thought of Nick Fury as one of their best. The original character was so lame that in a made for TV movie that was ultimately (so to speak) released directly to DVD he was played by David Hasselhoff.

The reboot of the character shed the campiness that had followed him from his debut in the '60s. In the Ultimates, and eventually in the more "mainstream" Marvel titles, he's been given some gravitas and infused with an uncompromising nature that makes him feel like the crazy-dangerous super-spy he's supposed to be.

All of that said, it's fun to draw a little one-eyed guy holding improbably enormous guns.

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