Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thought of the day 1:
When you are in the business of providing services to clients that include items that have to be continually maintained you absolutely cannot count on your clients to keep up with important renewals and registrations on their own.

Client: "This domain is vital to my business. If it expires I lose my website, my business crashes, and my children will fucking STARVE! You can be responsible for that right? I just don't have time."

Thought of the day 2:
I seriously need to stop drawing pictures of naked women and stick figures fucking in my meeting notes. That kind of thing is probably not considered appropriate in the work place.

Thought of the day 3: 
The expression, "We're the country's first and only..." is fucking moronic. If you're the first, it implies that somebody did the same thing after you. If you're the only it implies that no one's copied you yet, and maybe no one wants to. Therefore you can be either "The First" or "The Only" but not both at the same time.

Another thought of the day (Christmas Edition):
The holiday morning's rituals concluded I sat down to my computer to try out one of my gifts. I also perused my favorite site for independent artists, As I was browsing Deviant Art I checked in on one of my watch list, an artist who works in comic books, and is in high demand for his cover illustrations. As much as I like his work, I think this trend of hiring one artist to draw a cover illustration, and another artist for the actual story art is the height of bullshit. It's nice to see artists getting work, but comics are books that are frequently judged by their cover. It brings out my inner squirrel wrath when I see a book with a gorgeously illustrated cover and buy it only to get it home and open it to find the interior art could have been drawn by my nephew (who is almost seven months old).

Christmas Geek Speak
Inspired by true life events. In my other life I work in technology. That sounds more impressive than it really is. I'm not a programmer or developer or anything snazzy. Although I'm more savvy than average, and against my best intentions, I have been molded into a business person. Even so, I'm occasionally called upon to write text explaining one function or another in a piece of software my company developed. One such email with user-facing content led our client to respond with "...this is great! You get to explain this to users who still don't understand...I'll send those calls to you...heee." Yeah. Laugh it up. The conversation went on from there. I think this cartoon sums it up nicely.