Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Geek Speaking of Desperate Measures

Geek Speak

Desperate Measures

This is it! The time of reckoning for Mark and Steve is at hand! Lives will be changed! Bonds will be formed! No one will ever be the same again!

The idea here is kind of like pulling a Brandi Chastain (holy crap she was ripped) and pulling up her shirt in a fit of frustration-induced momentary insanity. I had a lot of fun drawing reactions for Mark and Steve in the last column. I doubt my reaction was any more restrained the first time I saw breasts that weren't in a magazine or an episode of National Geographic.  

Random Thought
I love the fact that ads for Snorg Tees occasionally show up in my blog! They have some outstanding geeky/funny tee-shirts. 

Penny Arcade Artist's Corner
I recently joined the Penny Arcade forms so that I could participate in their artist's corner. The artist's corner is provided as a place for artists to share work with each other within the Penny Arcade community and receive honest criticism. The forum will also post the occasional challenge, which is what prompted me to join. The challenge in the Artist's Corner of the Penny Arcade forum this week was "Get Your Cray-On!" Artists were asked to submit drawings done with crayon. I opened up my daughter's box of washable Crayolas, and Daredevil fell out of them. 

I work with color pretty rarely, so I'm pleased with the results overall.

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