Wednesday, July 17, 2013

San Diego Here We Come

Conning the Comics in San Diego

If you're a nerd even half deserving of that moniker then you know of, or have attended San Diego ComicCon. The weekend of the annual gathering to share, discuss, trade, and otherwise celebrate geekery in all of its forms are kind of like the holiest days in a geek's calendar. Every year fans, amateurs, and professionals alike make a pilgrimage to San Diego to join in the festivities. Everyone...except me...until this year. 

With one day left to go before I pick up fellow nerds Tea Leaf, Celluloid Girl, and Lendell Prime I find myself operating in a state of distraction. I joked with Tea Leaf today that by four-o-clock I'd answered questions from two people with, "ComicCon!...wait...what was the question?" Tea Leaf is registered as a professional with Comic-Con International. This means he gets a full-weekend pass, and a guest pass he can share. This year he offered me his guest pass, knowing that it's something important to me, and knowing that I had never had the opportunity to go.

Did I mention that Tea Leaf is an awesome guy and I'm incredibly grateful? No. Well...he is, and I am. 

He's also a talented and accomplished photographer. Check out his website, especially photos from the trip to Africa he and Celluloid Girl took for their honeymoon. Fucking outstanding stuff. There are even a couple of pictures of me in his headshot collection. 

I digress.

This year, I will be attending Comic Con for the first time, marking the realization of something I've dreamed of being able to do since I started collecting comic books in the seventh grade. For those who like numbers, that means I've been waiting to go to the San Diego Comic Con for twenty-three years. Although I'm not a "convention virgin" having broken that cherry at WonderCon, I'm by no means a seasoned pro. I'm excited, and nervous, and my expectations are sky high. 

We leave super early in the morning on Thursday for what is sure to be a zany fun filled weekend of adventure and discovery...or that might be the plot of Without a Paddle. The four of us will be splitting a hotel room, and Tea Leaf even secured parking for us so we don't have to take a bus or hike from some distant parking lot in a forgotten quarter of San Diego where there are alligators and banjo playing hillbillies. 

Our schedules while we're there are pretty packed with a combination of panels, browsing the exhibit hall, and (my favorite) visiting creator booths in Artist's Alley. While there I will be trying to get photos of the best cosplayers I find (male and female, though the ladies generally seem to have the better, more elaborate costumes) and of the panels I attend. All of those experiences I will attempt to distill into the pages of this blog for the reading enjoyment of my dozens of fans. 

If you're an artist with a booth in Artist's Alley this year, send your booth number to geekspeakcomic at gmail dot com. I'll  be sure to come by and say hello.

If you're planning on attending ComicCon there are several guides out there, but I recommend this one from Click Communications:

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  1. I am so excited for you. I went to Denver Comic Con this year. (a first for me as well). I would advise to bring 2 pairs of shoes. (If for no other reason than the first pair will need a rest after the first day) In any case the subtle change is enough to help with fatigue half way through the day. Remember you could be spending most of your day standing on concrete. If San Diego is anything like Denver, how ever many bars your phone says that it has, getting a line out is laughable. By this reasoning cash is going to make your life possible. (venders were having a hell of a time making credit card connections)

    Have a wonderful time. Be sure to take your "Sense of Wonder" and try to keep it with you at all times. I know it made my Denver Comic Con experience a blast. (I admit I cheated and brought my 11 year old granddaughter with me to keep my tank full at all times)