Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Doodling in a Sketch Dump

Work-a-Doodle: The Sketch Dump

So...holy takes a long, long, fucking-long time to do finish work on my comic strips using my Wacom tablet. What would take me an hour with my art markers, and would look more than passable, is taking me freaking days to do on the Wacom. The results look good, but my God I hope that it starts going faster as I get more accustomed to working with it. 

Anyway. I had promised two Geek Speak strips this week...That's looking like it's not going to happen. I'd still like to share some of my work, so I went back through some older drawings that I've had sitting in a folder for a while now. Mostly these are doodles taken from my notepad at work. When I started looking through the pages of doodles it reminded me that I'd been meaning to scan these for ages, and it just never happened...until now.

I've clearly come a long way, but there's still some good stuff in here. I'm presenting them here in no particular order. Enjoy. 

Months ago, probably closer to a year at this point my office had a problem with bugs, mainly cockroaches. Now, California doesn't really get roaches the way Texas or Florida do, but the roaches we do get are harder than hell to get rid of. I never actually saw any bugs myself, but the building where I work eventually did have to call an exterminator. Gross as that is, there's still something funny about it. 

I want to say this one came from watching a nature special about turtles that discussed how hard it is to determine their sex. That would be a great excuse, but I'm pretty sure it's not the case. 

In the end I think this is just me being silly. A little gross, too, but does anyone really mind?

This one was drawn a while ago, around the time that a co-worker's son was graduating from high school and going on to college in Boston. At the time I think my co-worker was saying something along the lines of there was no way her son would stay in Boston because it's too cold and he'd miss his mommy (not sure if that last part actually happened, but it kind of fits my co-worker). It occurred to me as she said it that she might have been setting herself up for disappointment. His college in Boston had to have at least a few perks like girls, epic St. Patrick's Day parties, and lots of really good beer. 

That, and seasons are pretty. People from Los Angeles lament the cold in other states the way a vampire laments the rays of the sun, but it's a kind of sour grapes situation. If Southern California got anything resembling real seasons I think most people would really enjoy it. 

I'm pretty sure this is one of the few drawings I've ever done that employed the use of a straight edge. 

This was drawn years ago, so I don't remember the context at all, but I'm pretty sure I was having a bad day at work. 


Another one that was most likely drawn on a bad day at the office. In spite of that I really like this one. It has that feeling of cruising along and then suddenly hitting a wall, either of your own making, or one that was dropped in your way. Is there anyone working in a standard-issue cube farm who hasn't beat their head on their desk from time to time? No? I'm the only one with forehead bruises? ...awesome...

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