Monday, April 15, 2013

Geek Speaking of things to do with Frozen Gogurt

I'll keep this short. My thoughts are with the people who were injured, and the families of those killed in today's violence. It's my hope that most of us can and will say the same thing, at least for today. Tomorrow or the day after the pundits and bottom-feeding politicians will angle to use today's tragedy to generate political capital. Until then, in this moment, I'll direct my thoughts to the speedy recovery of those who were wounded, and swift, decisive justice in the name of those who were lost.

Geek Speaking: Now with More Frozen Gogurt

A while ago I posted a random thought that frozen "Gogurt" was, "not as good as advertised." That only came up because a former co-worker recommended freezing one of the Gogurt packages we keep in the office. He made the final product sound like it was made of the distilled laughter of angels and strawberry. When I tried it I found the consistency to be a little strange, which I attribute to the "slurpable," nominally healthy snack meant for desperate parents to toss into a lunch bag as the kids are running out the door having a higher water content than normal yogurt.

The second coming of frozen yogurt it was not, but it did have particular shape that was...amusing. It was sort of long, and rounded, and pink. My only excuse is I was twelve once, and in some forgotten corner of my being I think I still am. Whatever the reason, the notion of someone walking through a "professional" environment using a Gogurt in a novel way to...lower his core temperature...popped into my head. Almost as soon as it did I started giggling uncontrollably.

I didn't have to argue too much for leaving early to "take a mental health day."


  1. I made the mistake of checking this out first while having my cup of morning coffee...Now my day is cursed by having images of Gogurt ram-rodded into strange places roll through my head.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Yes! Mission accomplished! muwahahahaha!