Monday, January 06, 2014

Random Dumping of Dragon Coffee

Random Thoughts

Grapefruit is yummy...that is all.

We have to keep two boxes of Trader Joe's version of Cheerios™ in the house at all daughter is a cereal killer.

Sketch Dump, some stuff I've Been Drawing

There have not been a lot of updates to the "Geek Speak" chronicles as I go through the spastic gyrations of trying to settle into both a new baby routine and a new the same time. It should never be said that I ever did anything fucking halfway. 


My pencil has not been sitting idle (I know how that sounds, moving on...perverts). I've been drawing quite a bit. Especially in the waning days of my time at SADA Systems, Inc. I can finally give a name to the company where I spent the last almost eight years, as I no longer work for them I don't really fear much in the way of reprisal. As the days wound down to my final departure there was less and less for me to do as my job duties were picked up by others, so I found a lot of extra time for drawing. Though, I won't be posting any of those here today. I am a tease.

I give you two of my recent drawings. 

Here I give you the Terrible Terror, one of the dragons that can be found in the forests and hills of the island of Berk. My daughter has fallen ponytails-over-tiny-pink-crocs in love with Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk, and its follow up series, Defenders of Berk. The shows are pretty much what they sound like; a television spin-off of How to Train Your Dragon. My wife and I both really enjoy the show, but not nearly with the all consuming passion of an enraptured not-quite-three-year-old. To earn some cool daddy points (and because I really do like the show) I decided I should start trying to learn to draw the various dragons presented in the story. 

It's not really a secret that I love coffee. I can take that something of a step further and say it might ruin me if I were ever forced to give up sipping that sweet nectar of the morning. I've given up smoking, and that was tough but went ok. I still drink, but I've long since given it up as a daily ritual, and I think I could stop drinking entirely and it would be ok after a short period of sucking. 

The same cannot be said of coffee. I tried to go cold turkey once. I turned into something like Mr. Hyde meets Officespace. When I realized I was being an irritable jerk I broke down and poured myself a cup of Arabica Bliss. I found a pair of rose colored glasses in the bottom of that brew and my day turned right around. 

For all that I love coffee I am something of a caffeine lightweight. I can only drink coffee within a narrow range of potency. I need something between a medium and dark roast. Too light, and I shuffle around like the undead. Too strong and the results are...entertaining, if not pretty. 

If anyone is interested, the best way I've found to get coffee that is just right for me is to combine Trader's Joe's house brand coffee "Joe: Medium Roast" with their house brand dark roast "Joe's Dark." I use equal portions of whole beans and shake them in a container to make sure they're well distributed. Then I grind them together myself (until I burned out my coffee grinder, but my birthday is coming up (hint hint)) and make coffee as usual. 

The result is a brew that's stronger and more flavorful than a medium roast, but not as bitter as a dark roast. It's a nice balance in terms of its caffeine content. It gets me going better than a medium roast, but doesn't make me shaky, queasy, and weird like a dark roast. 

I think I should put this one on a t-shirt. 

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