Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sketch Dumping and Slurping Lucky Aphrodite

Work a Doodle: The Three Day Weekend Edition

Fridays really do seem to be turning into my official day for sketch dumps. I've been jumping between casual doodles and more serious drawings of late, and I've started keeping a sketchbook next to the bed. I'll doodle for fifteen minutes to a half-hour before I go to sleep for the night. Aphrodite was drawn in bed...which...sounds weird in a perverse kind of way. I swear the pages of my sketchbook don't stick together.

At work I've been drawn (so to speak) into a series of recurring conference calls, which happens from time-to-time when you're a project manager. We're at a stage in the project where the client is interfacing with the lead developer and having fairly technical discussion to which I don't have much to contribute. This gives me some extra time for doodling in my notebook when I would otherwise be responding to email messages. Some of these drawings are a result of having that extra time.

Those who've been following Geek Speak will recognize Wuffles the Dog. It didn't occur to me until I picked this up to scan it that he's basically reading from one stereotypical doggy potty, while using another.

A scary-as-hell little boy that I drew during a meeting with one of my team members and the project manager of another. I have an idea for something to do with this character, so I don't want to say too much more here. I will say it's something that crawled out from the darker side of my imagination and chuckled with gleeful menace.
The office managers where I work are responsible for ordering all kinds of snacks for the office. They do a great job, and there is always a selection of fresh fruit, nuts, and other healthy options. Even so it sometimes seems like they get the kind of food the witch might have fed Hansel and Gretel to fatten them up.

One of the delectable and oh so sweet treats that is often available for us to guzzle one plastic tube at a time is "Gogurt." One morning a co-worker walked past by desk nursing on one of the plastic tubes and this thing popped into my head. For some reason I find it hilarious when my characters say something patently ridiculous as though they're angry enough to tear off someone's arm.

I overheard a co-worker call a sales lead, or prospect, or some such thing a "lucky duck" because he'd be on vacation soon. Had to draw this for her. This is the same co-worker who brought us the "awesome possum."

I knew I wanted to draw Aphrodite, but I didn't expect to draw this. I like how this turned out enough to sign my name to it. Initially this was going to be part of a larger project that I'm planning to do for my kids, but it turned out too real and too..."artsy"...I work for a preschooler. It is interesting that when I draw a mythological figure who is supposed to be no less than the personification of beauty, I draw her as a tall brunette. I wonder why that might be?

There are other drawings, but...damn it...I have to have something to post next week.

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