Thursday, June 13, 2013

Geek Speaking a Quicky Cartoon

Geek Speaking: Communication

I guess when you're a dog understanding anything a human is saying is just as surprising as the other way around. 

Zombie Cartoonist

Today's is just a quick post to make sure the new Geek Speak is online more or less on schedule. For reasons that defy understanding this week has been an unusually difficult one. Work has been stressful and requiring some extra time, which meant staying until ten-o-clock at night on Tuesday. As a result I more or less flopped over in bed and switched off when my wife and I got in last night after getting in some munch needed grown-up time with our soon-to-be-parents-themselves friends. 

Before going to bed I was able to clean up the original line art somewhat and add the speech balloons, but that was it. In general I'm trying to stick to a Tuesday/Thursday schedule. 

That's it. That's all the scintillating discourse and well wrought prose I have for this morning. 

Have a good day everyone. More postiness tomorrow.

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