Monday, March 04, 2013

Geek Boobs on Random Novels

Geek Speak - A Game of Boobies
I haven't had much exposure to "A Game of Thrones," either on HBO or the books themselves. The few times that I have been around when someone was watching the series my eyes have almost fallen out of my head. It's like the show can't go five minutes without some gorgeous, large busted young woman getting out of her clothes and on top of some ruggedly handsome medieval dude. With all the talk about "winter" you'd think people would be more concerned about...I don't know...keeping warm, maybe? Anyway, that was the inspiration for today's cartoon.

Random Thoughts
The downfall of our civilization won't be taxes, war, or the final season of The Simpsons. It will be the rise to power of a generation that uses the Internet chat acronym "LOL" in regular conversation...without irony.

Linux is like the weird kid next door. The disciples of Apple and the apostles of PC both look down on the Linux community as the kid sitting next to you in class who eats paste and colors outside the lines. In truth some version of Linux is used to run just about everything Windows and Mac don't. From your digital watch to your TV to your smartphone (even iOS was built on a Unix Kernel), everyone uses a device that depends on Linux every day. Linux has more market penetration than a Wall Street hooker.

NaNoWriMo Excerpt

This is from my recent attempt to complete the NaNoWriMo challenge. I didn't finish, but I didn't really expect that I would. I like the tone I've set here.
Rain had come to Uptown and a ripple of excitement ran through Undertown. At the first drops from above, the dwellers of Undertown stopped what they were doing and made for the nearest open space. Some stopped in the middle of haggling over the price of bruised, week-old apples, others fighting a brawl that no one could remember how it started stopped mid-punch and went out to the streets. Happy children ran away from their parents, to come skipping back at their shouted names. Those unable to get to the streets went to the tops of their buildings. Everyone, absolutely every man, woman, and child stopped where they were and turned their faces up. 
The drops came slowly and unevenly at first as the ingenious rigging of pipes and bins high, high above their heads collected and distributed the water. When the pipes filled to a predetermined level, the rain began. The drops began to fall tentatively, then in a steady drone of water slapping the jigsaw mash-up of pavement and bare earth. Water striking their upturned faces, the residents of Undertown, rich and poor, brutish thug and bloodied victim, Fathers and daughters, raised their arms to feel the cool drops on their skin. As one they closed their eyes and dreamed of the sky. 

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  1. Okay... but what if I /actually/ laughed out loud at your LOL random thought? And I definitely found your GOT so incredibly true...those women cannot keep their clothes on to save their lives. I actually look forward to winter coming so I don't have to sit through one more stupid scene of sexposition - which is exposition, combined with sex. Got a boring plot point that just needs to be thrown out there, but dammit, it's boring? It's cool, we'll have two people having awkward, rough sex while talking about it. It's so incredibly odd, believe me.


    And I like your NaNoWriMo chunk quite a bit! But then, I've always liked your writing :)