Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Post Thanksgiving Thanks

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone I thought it a good time to sit down and list some of the things I'm thankful for. Lists like this tend to be overwrought and maudlin. I'll avoid that as much as possible and try to keep this brief.

  • My wife. I couldn't be more thankful for her in my life.

  • My friends. Without them I'd be able to pursue a lifetime as a hermit. I'm thankful they distract me from that ambition.

  • Puppies. Really, puppies make the world a better place.

  • My dog. He makes me feel needed, if only because he lacks an opposable digit.

  • Chili powder. Without which making my chili would be next to impossible.

  • My watch still works. I wear a Fossil “Blue” that is water resistant to 50 meters. It was a birthday or Christmas gift from my sister from well before my wife and I were ever married, and it still works.

  • Altoids. The curiously strong mint.

  • Neil Gaiman. His books rock!

  • Jim Butcher. His books rock!

  • Terry Pratchett. His books rock!

  • I'm no longer a kid, but I'm still young enough to enjoy myself.

  • The cooler weather that comes with winter. Los Angeles summer heat sucks.

  • I can walk to work. I'm saving a fortune in gas, but I'm wearing the hell out of my shoes.

That's probably enough. If I try to go any further I'll start saying things like “I'm thankful for my health, because without that you really don't have anything.” If it's at all avoidable I'd like to not be dragged out into the street and stoned for being maudlin and gushy.

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